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Mr Green

Let us tell you about a man named Green, a mysterious figure, neither heard nor ever seen...

Mr Green Ltd is a Swedish online gaming company that offers online casino, sportsbook and live casino in 13 countries. They were named Operator of the Year three consecutive years 2013, 2014, 2015 and Mobile Operator of the Year 2016.


In 2015 I freelanced for Mr Green Casino, giving creative direction across multiple channels including social, mobile and casino games. 

Design and Animation -  Photoshop, Illustrator

Client -

To secure Mr Green as a client, I wrote the story of the Caves:

The Clothes Cave - A Tail of Rags to Riches.

Once, there was an honest, hardworking couple called the Caves. They ran a dry cleaning shop and toiled hard every day and into the night cleaning clothes for wealthy people. They often dreamed of being rich themselves and sometimes, late at night when the shop doors were locked, they would dress up in the tuxedos and ball gowns left for cleaning that day and dance around the shop pretending they lived in a place filled with fast cars, fabulous riches and movie stars- a place like Monte Carlo . Of course they would soon be brought back to reality with the ringing of the shop bell which signalled the arrival of another customer leaving their fine clothes to the Cave's loving care.

The Caves always greeted their clients with a friendly smile because they knew they drowned on them to make a living. The closest they ever came to a win was when occasionally a few copper coins would fall out of some customers pocket. The Caves being very honest people always put these coins into a jar ready to return to the customers if they asked for them, but no one ever did because a few loose pennies meant nothing to them. One day the penny jar was full so Mr Cave counted the coins and found he had the grand sum of £7:26. How would he spend these riches? The first thing he did was buy his wife a bunch of flowers in recognition of all her hard work, but then he still had a little over £5 left. He decided to discuss what to do with the money, Mrs Cave said someone at bingo had told her of a friend of their cousin who had won a £100 bonus playing Mr Green online casino. What did they have to lose? They decided to give it a try.

Mr Cave locked the shop door at 8pm, fired up the old IBM, logged on and placed his bet. Fingers crossed, he then went back to his nightly chores, cleaning and pressing other people's clothes. Soon he was interrupted by the ringing of the shop bell. How could that be? The closed sign was up! But never one to turn away a paying customer who desperately need, of a shirt or skirt preened for a big corporate meeting, with the Pope or the Queen, Mr Cave put on his best smile and unlocked the door. Weird, no one was there. Thinking it was a prank he closed the door once more and returned to work.

But there was the bell again and as before, when he opened the door there was no customer. Scratching his head Mr. Cave decided it was time to pack it in for the day and walked to his little office to turn of the lights, it was then he noticed something was flashing on his computer screen to the sound of a bell. To his amazement he saw he had won a jackpot, and not just any jackpot THE BIG ONE!

The Caves were heading to the land of fast cars, fabulous riches and movie stars MONTE CARLO!

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